20 Nov 2010

Hey guys!

This is my blog, Modern World.

I hope all of you read my blog regularly, and find my insights interesting. Although I'm still a teenager, I believe that my experiences and thoughts can be felt by people around the world. Sometimes I take a negative view of the world, but for the most part I try to see the world in a better light.

Although I don't wish to presume anything about anyone, I tend to generalize about certain groups. For the most part, I see this blog as more of a forum for people who might either agree or disagree on my thoughts. I try to keep a certain literariness to my posts.

My plans for the future after high school is to be a neurosurgeon and help others in need. Writing is my hobby, and I might pursue a writing career next to my medical profession.

I hope you find my writing useful in some way.