1 Jul 2011

Summer so far

Anyway, its the summer now. Isn't that just great for all of us who don't have summer work to do or summer school to attend? Well, unfortunately I'm not one of those happy people.

Not only am I nearly drowning in APUSH and AP Lang homework, I also have Pre-Math Analysis class. And on top of that Revolution Prep class to do my SAT stuff. This is so fun....not. Luckily, I have a four day weekend starting today. That means I'm wasting time on cwtv.com. Well, its not exactly wasting time because I'm actually enjoying watching the shows. I FINALLY finished watching Nikita and it was beyond amazing. I did not expect ANYTHING. It was that good.

So today I have another practice SAT thing to take. It is beyond tiring. I am sick of it. My parents just can't seem to give me a break. They believe that this will somehow "benefit" me in the actual test. Yes, I know that the SAT is like, 25% of your college application and all that, but seriously, I've taken 3 practice tests in the past week. Anybody would see things my way if they had to do the same. What kind of a parent does that? Seriously, my parents must be extremely delusional about me wanting to take the tests and all that. Not fun, you guys.

And I thought summer was all about beaches and sun fun and all of that. Well, looks like all classrooms for me. That is your everyday Asian nerd who is trapped at home with parents who would not let go of anything. Oh, this reminds me, I have to do this post about the tiger mom and how she does stuff. That would make an interesting post all right.

Ok, so this is just a post of how my summer has been shaping up so far.