29 Aug 2011

The Start of school...again

As you all know, school started Thursday last week. Isn't that just fun? And what's more, its the start of my junior year. As I have heard many times before, junior year is the hardest year of them all, and that just doesn't sound fun at all.

Here is the list of all of my new classes:
1. AP Lang          Shires
2. Chinese 5/6      Chiang
3.PE/Computer Apps    Wulf
4. Math Analysis    Moonesinghe
5. Advanced Drama   Enright
6. AP US History    Martin

These 6 classes would be changed, but I don't think that the impact would be great because I checked online at the SPHS site and my classes for the most part are immovable (if that is the right term). I am planning to drop or perhaps move PE to TA for Mr. Groves. As was proven, Ms. Moonesinghe is actually a really nice person, unlike what was previously thought. I think as long as you are in one of her advanced math classes, you will have a pretty good relationship with her.

I am supposed to be working on my AP Lang homework for Shires, so this is pretty much an update on what is happening so far. I cannot believe that Ms. Shires would give us so much homework at the beginning of the year. Seriously, school hasn't even officially started for a week yet but we are already breaking our backs for this class. Although I like Ms. Shires a lot, don't get me wrong, the work load is immense. It kind of makes me jealous of the freshman and sophomores.

OK, hope that you guys are enjoying the school year as much as I have!


2 Aug 2011

AP Homework

The title sound really fun doesn't it? AP summer work. What fun.

Anyway, I haven't had a chance to catch a break yet. First summer school and Revolution Prep, now summer work and ACI Institute Prep. How cool can you get for your summer?

My parents promised me a break. They SWORE before the school year was over that during the summer I get to relax. Well, that turned out to be simple BS. What do I get for their promise? I get work piled on me so that I cannot breathe. Very nice of them to do that to me. I wanted to have the nicest summer of all time so that I did not have to work all the time. So much for that hope. I fit into the Asian stereotype now. Great. Cool.

Summer is not necessarily the best time of the year. I have to admit. No one to talk to, nothing to do except to work. Now I know that students are supposed to study and work hard. I get that. But what has life turned into? My brain will be turned into burned out waste once the summer is over. Good job in keeping me sane guys. Thanks a lot for your support.

So a couple of days ago, a couple of my friends got into a discussion about Megan Fox. It was a fascinating discussion. So I was listening in, and then they started piling all this BS crap on MF. They were all like, "Oh, she can't really act" and "She's only known for her hotness" and all that slanderous stuff. And me, being the only righteous one present, was like "Hey, don't talk like that when the person in question isn't here to defend themselves." OK, it sounds cheesy and retarded, I realize that. But I can't stand it when people start piling stuff on others who are not there to say something back and defend themselves. I kind of feel that its my responsiblility to defend the people who are being called names. But that's just my natural thing. Knee-jerk reaction.

I forgot the reason of my little story there, but it just happened in front of me a couple of days ago. Anyway, hope your summer is going good. School starts in about 3 weeks!