26 Sep 2011

What Happened When My Teacher Told Me Off

This post is about what happened to me today. My history teacher made me so mad at him that I HAVE to write a post about what happened.

My history teacher basically humiliated me in front of all of my peers. I was reading my book in class, and he got really mad at this. You know what we were doing? We were just looking over our tests that we took last week, and I was already done doing that. He practically yelled at me in front of the whole class, saying that if I continue what I'm doing, then I won't get a 5 on the AP exam and I wouldn't get an A on the next test. In fact, he didn't have to yell. The whole class was listening in to him telling me what a worthless piece of shit that I was. After he finished his lecture, nobody would work with me when we got into group discussions. I was nearly in tears because no one would look at me, let alone talk. I have, seriously, never been so humiliated in front of any class for any reason. In this regard, no teacher has ever said something so degrading to me before. Not even my parents have ever said that I would not succeed on the AP test. Although this teacher didn't say that I would not get a 5 on the AP test, it was totally implied. Anyone that was present could hear what he meant behind his sentence. This further proves to me how low this school has sunk in choosing the right teacher for the job.

I was so embarrassed and ashamed when he started yelling. I mean, I haven't done anything seriously wrong that deserves punishment. Only now do I know that teachers are not necessarily “good” until they are proven so. For example, I thought that this history teacher was amazing until he told me off today. I was in total shock because I believe that I have been doing pretty well in his class so far. Although I might not be one of the top students in the class, I am still a good student. Its not right for other people to do what they want while others can't. Also, this history teachers plays obvious favorites when he says, “Even if I'm a chimpanzee, you will ace this course.” I mean, what's the point of saying that? Seriously. And the “fights” that occur between him and the teacher across the hall. Absolutely childish and immature. This takes time away from class and shows how immature this teacher really is on the inside. Its one of the things that are just plain ridiculous. Teachers should not act in such a manner that would cause their students to look down on them. Sure, these supposed “arguments” generate a couple of laughs from the crowd, but what are the students really thinking? I'll bet anything that none of the students are there because they think that this particular teacher is amazing or anything. They are there because they want to earn the college credit and save themselves some time when they enter college. I am there for that reason, so that at least makes one of us.

Also, this teacher always says of how hard this course is going to get and how we would hit some walls when we are trying to learn. He literally says that in just about every class. I mean, stop wasting your time telling us how hard life is going to get later in the year and get back to teaching. He just tries to scare us into thinking how hard AP US History is going to get. But from what I have experienced thus far, this class isn't so hard to pass. To be honest, I was pretty nervous when I started this class, but I have not gotten a grade lower than a B. And if I can do it, I know everybody else can because I have started from the bottom of the bucket and worked myself up. No matter what this particular teacher does or says to me would ever put me down because I know better. I know more than to just believe in what one person says to or thinks about me. I'm better than they are and I'm above such pettiness.

To be telling me off in front of the whole class is just ridiculous in my opinion. Truth be told, I could sue him for harassment and discrimination but I don't want to waste my time doing that and I might need his letter of recommendation. That's why I haven't taken action against him. But seriously, my history teacher is tactless. Why couldn't have he just pulled me over and talk to me privately? That would have made everything so much better. Instead, he comes over and humiliates me in front of everybody. Completely unacceptable. This proves my point on how degrading and uneducated this type of people are. I mean, look: educated and refined people always respects the rights and well-being of the people around them. These kind of people take care of others. But no, my history teacher purposefully made me blush with shame for the remainder of the period. I sat there in a shock, not daring to believe what just happened. Did a TEACHER humiliate me? Did a TEACHER force me to sit a period of shame for about an hour? Never, in my worst nightmare, did I imagine a scenario like this. I was totally unprepared.

You know what made this situation worse? I was left alone. My classmates, my FRIENDS, left me. I was left alone to work by myself. This forced me to tears. Literally, tears were in my eyes until I blinked them back. In my hour of need, my friends scattered and sat in their own little group. I chose not to cry because I have not cried in school for years and I want to keep it that way. But seriously, how cool is that? This is officially the worst day of the week. And its only Monday.

OK, so this does it for my rant of the day. I don't do this often because usually nothing as dramatic as this happens.


16 Sep 2011


These are a few pictures that I thought would be nice to post up on my blog.

5 Sep 2011

When should parents let teens make their own decisions?

I thought that this topic would be a very interesting one since I'm a teen and I have pretty strong views about this topic. Parents, in the eyes of teenagers. are often very troublesome and just can't seem to mind their own business. I have often felt this way, and sometimes I get very mad when my parents go out of their way to “mold” me into this “perfect” Asian child. Now, I know that my parents did not force me to play the piano or the violin, but I kind of wish they did. I mean, I see everybody else play the piano like they're something and then I look at myself and see that I can't play the piano. So, you know, its like a paradox. I want to learn how to play the piano but can't, the kids that don't want to play the piano have to play it because their parents force them to.

What is the definition of a teenager? A teenager is someone who is approximately 13-17 years old. Now, teenagers are semi-adults and can make many decisions for themselves. I would think that our parents would be very irritated if they had to make every single decision for us. Since we are able to make these basic decisions for ourselves, why not have us make every decision for ourselves? We teenagers are able to make healthful decisions for ourselves.

Now I know that parents are going to say stuff like, “Oh, my child is going to go do drugs and be this wild child if I don't boss them around.” Well, I can tell you that that is a huge bucketful of bullshit. Yes, I just swore and there's nothing that my parents can do about it. All of us know that drugs and alcohol are bad for us and that we should not consume these products at this age (and in the case of drugs not at all, like ever). For the kids that have tiger mothers at home, I truly feel sorry for you. Which means that I feel sorry for myself. The main reason why parents are so unwilling to let go of their kids are because they always feel as if they are doing what's best for their child. That's true for most parents, but do realize that the hard truth is that parents will not be with their child forever. Do parents want their child to not be able to make their own decisions after they (the parents) are gone? I don't think so.

All of this brings us back to the main point. At what age is it appropriate for parents to let their kids go and let them make their own decisions? I believe that kids that have reached thirteen have reached the supposed “golden age” and are able to take responsibility for their actions. Thirteen is an age where teens are able to see the world for what it is and are able to make decisions for oneself. When I reached thirteen, I felt that I did not need my parents to make all of the decisions on my affairs anymore. Now I'm fifteen and my parents are still bossing me around like I'm a load of unwanted dung.

I believe that I share the same way of thinking about my parent's overbearing attitude. What I'm saying is that teenagers should be free to do what they say and say what they think without fear that their parents would say no. Teenagers are able to create a world in which they are comfortable in.