18 Oct 2011


OK, starting from this post, I'm going to tag my posts. This is going to make readers have an easier time going from post to post easier.
Apparently this is the traditional carriage that a bride rides in

Forgot what I was laughing about

Government tower of Jilin
These are my three photos of the day!


17 Oct 2011

Pictures Part 1

OK, so I thought I would divide sharing these pictures into several parts.

Me at the traditional water fountain. The gold arch represents power.

Entrance of the famed Buddha site

Same site, different places

These are the three photos that I have decided to upload today. Expect more in the next few posts!


16 Oct 2011

Some thoughts...

Hey, guys, haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd just kind of update my status on my blog a little bit. Thanks to Tom for all of those comments. You know what? I want to thank all of my followers for their encouraging comments. I don't know if I could have done all of this without you guys.

School has been pretty tough so far, but nothing unmanageable. I mean, school's school. The drama is sometimes unbearable, but life's life I guess. My grades are definitely looking up, as my last grade report evidently showed. This gave me a strong realization: if my grades picked up, everybody is obviously happier with just about everything. I know that this should be blindly obvious, but still. It's a realization.

In later posts, I will post some pictures of my visit to China that I should have posted long ago. I will divide up these pictures because there is a lot of them.

This is all for now. I will inform you guys of what I will do later.


8 Oct 2011

What I Wish I Could Be

The title sounds stupid. Most people want something in this world that they don't have. Nevertheless, I have always wanted something that I have not received. I am not ashamed to say this because everyone commits this sin whether they want to admit it or not. Well, I shouldn't say “sin” because that's a bit strong.

OK, so here's my first thing. I have always wished that I had different parents and a different family. I know this sounds really ungrateful but my parents have always pulled the chain really tight around my neck. I am basically not allowed to do anything without their permission. Especially my mom, who needs to put her foot in basically every business that concerns me. Believe you me, this gets extremely annoying after a while. If I have other NORMAL parents, I would be happy. How would I define normal? Parents that don't meddle with teenage affairs. Parents that buy their kids their own computers and all that. I need to use the house computer, and sometimes it gets irritatingly slow. This family thing leads me to my second point.

Secondly, I wish I could have grown up around different people. The people that I have grown up with aren't worth anything. I don't mean my best friend, who goes by “haha LOL” online. She's amazing. But the rest of the people that surround me are not worth anything. And the people that I met freshman year, I actually met people who were original and could think for themselves. And what do my parents do once they realized this? They take me away and put me in this South Pas place where everybody tries to live like they're in a movie or something. Seriously, I am sick and tired of living with people that feel like they're something once they enter high school. All these cliques are really driving me nuts. Not to mention all the drama that surrounds girls.

Lastly, I wish that the world would be less complicated. I mean, everyone thinks so much and reads so much into situations that it makes life hard to live. There should be less rules for people to live under, meaning that if people didn't have to think about how bad consequences would be if they made a bad decision, life would be much better for people to live in. If life had been easier on me, I would be a very happy person. But because my parents chose to make life harder for me, I am so unhappy with what I have right now. But I know that I cannot live with these circumstances all my life. That knowledge has gotten me over the fact that my parents have been less than fair to me. If I haven't accepted that fact and gotten used to living with it, I would be a very bad person to live with. I would literally be depressed every moment of my life.

These are the three things that make me really mad about what's happening in my life. Seriously, my parents, the people around me, and the complicated world that we all live in cannot be changed by me alone. I can't change who my parents are or anything like that. This is the part where everything sucks, where you know that you are stuck in a situation that you can't change. That is why I am so unhappy with what I have in my life.

These are the things that I want in life. Seriously, I don't think that these are any great demands that can't be achieved. Well, I take that back, many of these things can't just be deleted from my memory. These are kind of like what my “Three Wishes” post was about, but it is still different in many ways.


6 Oct 2011


That's right, you read it! This blogger has officially turned 16 years old!! I cannot say how happy I have reached this age. Finally my parents can boss me around less. Finally I can have a say in what I want and where I can go. This is a really good time for me.

This weekend, my best friend and I are going to the movies. We have not officially decide what time we are meeting or what movie we are watching but I believe that the both of us are going to have a good time.


4 Oct 2011

Daily Schedule in a Nutshell

This is a post about my schedule every day schedule.

4:30 AM: Get up and ready to go.
4:45 AM Go outside and walk around.
5:30-7:30 AM Back home. Eat. Study.
7:30 Go to school
8:00-2:00 School
2:30-4:00 Blogging!!!
4:00-7:00 Homework time
7:00-8:00 Work out
8:00-9:00 Studying for tests?
9:00-10:00 T.V.
10:00-11:00 Free time

OK, let's get this straight. You are staring at the getting up at 4:45 in the morning, walk around and then study. It might seem crazy to most people at first, but that is just my habit. Like, I can't sleep past 4:30 in the morning. That's just my thing, you know?

Obviously, school takes most of the time in the day. What's more, the six-hour school day does not seem to be enough for our teachers. We need to study so hard for so long that in some days my brain feels like its going to release methane or something from working so hard. This is not the way for teenagers to go around, people. Kids are supposed to have fun. Unfortunately, as soon as kids reach the age of 13 parents start worrying about grades and college and school. Plain retarded, that's what I call it.

Also, now that I'm on the subject of entering the teenage years, I am sick and tired of the drama that surrounds this age. As soon as I stepped into this new high school, meaning South Pasadena, drama was quite literally everywhere. Some situations are just so cliché that I don't know whether to laugh or to be serious. Like, quite literally, these “Tiger Moms” are everywhere. Each stereotype lives out its legacy. We have nerdy Asians who study and are headed for these Ivy League colleges. We have blond cheerleaders. But now I'm on the cheerleader topic, last year there were a couple of fat girls on the squad. I don't know how that happened or what the coach was thinking when those girls tried out, but last year that stereotype was broken. This year the squad has more diversity in it, and the team in general looks more attractive. One more thing that I don't like about this school is the many cliques that have developed in the school. I had so much trouble adjusting my first year.

Anyway, my thing with my schedule is that school takes up too much time. I know for a fact that high school is an important bridge to college and all that but teenagers still have lives. Teens are not bred to stay at either school or home doing school work. I know that although I'm Asian, I am not cut out for the “I work all day” thing. I don't do anything fun or exciting. Everyone else has some type of extracurricular to amuse themselves with. I have nothing to do usually. I like to have some fun now and then, like, you know break the rules. That's one of the reasons why I started this blog. My mom doesn't want me to put anything online, fearing that I will post “inflammatory ideas or thoughts” on the web. I mean, seriously? Think about the age in which we live in. No sniper is going to choose me and kill me because of the ideas that I put on the web. You know moms, always overreacting. It can be a big pain in the ass sometimes. Like seriously, if my mom discovered my blog, I would literally die. She would make me cancel this blog and monitor my web activities from then on. She would be afraid of all the “predators” that are awaiting behind their computers and looking for their chance to kidnap me. I know how to take care of myself. Sometimes I really can't wait to go to college. East coast of course.

Anyway, I just felt as if I wanted to talk about my everyday life a little bit.