28 Nov 2011


I have blogged about some pretty heavy subjects lately, and I plan to talk about some lighter topic today. I want to discuss some books that I have read recently. Here is a book list that I have deemed interesting enough to fill up my time.
  1. The Gossip Girl Series – OK, so I know the people who know who I am will look at this in wonderment and ask, “Why are you recommending this series?” My answer is that its actually pretty good. Although offering a thoroughly fictional viewpoint of the New York elite, its very interesting to delve in fictional “real life” characters once in a while. There is some moderately strong language here and there in the series, but on the whole, very good.
  2. Twilight series – I might sound crazy, but there is a reason why the series became so popular throughout the years. Even people like me like the series. Although I disregard the kissey-kissey parts, Stephanie Meyer has made being a vampires sound kind of fun. I don't know how many times I imagined having vampire superpowers. Its crazy what books can do to your imagination.
  3. Harry Potter series – I don't need to explain why this series is in my must-read list.
  4. Ranger's Apprentice – When I started this series a couple of years ago, I didn't really like what I was reading, but I started this series again recently, and I changed my mind. Characters are original, and the reader will find that they will start rooting for Will under every circumstance. The author really makes reader want to read more about the story.
  5. Pendragon Series – This series is more sci-fi/action series. The author D.J. Machale really draws his audience into the story. I could seriously imagine going through the different adventures with Bobby. Its a really good series, lots of good imagery.
  6. Eragon Series – Dragons, magic and battles. That pretty much sums up the series but its really good. Very original.
As of now, these are the 6 series that I can think of. I really enjoyed reading these because the books really took me to another world, in imagination at least.