7 Mar 2012


I consider myself to be a chess player even if I'm not that good. Chess is an essential piece of our lives, and if we want to learn how to control ourselves and those around us. Life is a game of chess even though we might not know it. 

The main problem is to know whether we are the player or pawn.

Angelique never really liked playing games. Any kind of game. I doubt she even liked playing dodgeball. And don't even start on her about games that require tactics. She is absolutely hopeless with choosing how to control pawns, how to worm her way through an opponent. Not that she was stupid, not that. She was just extremely lacking on how to use her brain. She could not think in twists and turns, could only think in one straight line. That was, I believe, one of the reasons why she got cheated on so often.

This one guy Chris, was much more devious than Angie. He was a stupid guy (low test scores: that's what I consider dumb). I even had to tutor him in math one time. I believe he was in Algebra 1 in high school. Seriously, that class was supposed to be done and over with in middle school. He was kind of a mean person: arrogant, thought he was a stud. Felt as if every girl was ready to fall head over heels over him. Pissed me off like nothing else can.

What I had a hard time digesting is how he managed to trick Angie. I mean, what kind of a brain must he have had to do what he did? The main factor was probably his looks. I swear, his looks are the only thing keeping his head above the water. Otherwise, no girl would go 5 miles near him. There is a saying that says looks can only get you so far in life. Chris knew that, and he made up the gap with his guile.

Angie and I were at this cafe eating one time when I saw Chris coming up to us. Frowning, I nudged Angie in the elbow and nodded slightly in his direction. Angie suddenly looked as if she was about to swoon. I was staring at both of them in shock. When was Angie ready to swoon over such a stupid guy? She knew how stupid he was.

They started dating pretty soon. But after the first couple of dates, we both started noticing small things about him that neither of us liked. He was always late, and sometimes, he would stand Angie up. On the occasions that he stood Angie up, he made up in some way. He got her flowers, got her a box of chocolates. He would act the gentleman when all he was was a snake. Of course, he had excuses. He was doing homework, his parents forced him to stay at home that night. All those were such obvious lies that I could not help myself to tell Angie. 

What she did was to keep listening and believing his lies.

Angie was a willing pawn. Chris was a smart king as he lied to Angie. It was surprising to see the ease in which he controlled other people. He could blind people to who he really was through such honeyed lies that the people were ensconced in his tongue. I believe that I have something to learn from him. Everyone does. The art of control. The art of losing something and then gaining something even better than before. Worming your way into people's heart is never easy, but with the right methods anyone can do it.. 


  1. That's really sad. Some people have a certain kind of charisma that can draw people to them, make them believe their lies. Sounds like he has it.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  2. It's a shame Angie was used like that. If she got out, I hope she learned something from it, and won't be taken in as easily again, if not, then I hope she sees the light soon and does get out.

  3. Interesting analogy, applying chess to life. I enjoyed reading this, and felt a little pang of sadness for Angie. I'm sure she'll grow into a more interesting piece later in life.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to your worldly posts.

  4. Hi Gina! I do think life is like a game of chess but we all are the pawn and the king at times. You see, there's always someone smarter than us. That's just life. I also find it incredibly interesting that Gina is the most common name in the US, yet I only know you and me!! How funny.

    Thanks for stoping by Diary of a Writer in Progress. I'll come back for more. =)

  5. I think it is a bad analogy. It implies life is a competition. If life is a competition then there are winners and losers. Winners and losers when talking about life is inherently wrong.

    Forrest Gump had it right. Life is a box of chocolates, you take what you are given and enjoy it as much as possible.

    The more I read of your writing the more bitter you sound. Bitterness and hatred are very destructive traits. You need to lighten up. Many other people have had it a hell of a lot worse

  6. I'm afraid I disagree with JP on this. Life is really what you make of it, there is always choices, even if sometimes we make the wrong ones at times.
    There have been both bad and good times for everyone, but when it comes down to it we learn from them.


    1. I would worry if everyone agreed with me Megan but you haven't really said anything that contradicts my statement except that we always have choices.

      Ridiculous! In many situations, many people have no choice whatsoever.

      My point to Gina was more to move on and stop being bitter. On a car journey if you keep looking at the rear view mirror you will miss all the wonderful scenery ahead.

      I'm sorry if my comments are causing ripples by trying to give a huge slice of reality to a lot of people who really do not understand how privileged they are.

      Don't worry I won't be rocking the boat anymore.


  7. @Shannon Lawrence: I wouldn't call it a charisma, I would call it something like a type of trickery.

    @Mark: Angie has learned her mistake, and I'm sure she wouldn't be so stupid again.

    @Miranda Hardy: Thanks!

    @Gina: I know a couple of Gina's, but not that much.

    @jp: Yes, I agree that I do need to lighten up on my perspective. Thanks for letting me know. And you can always express your opinion on my work. There are a few scheduled posts left, but I'll lighten my view up after that. Thanks for the insight.

    @Megan Adamson: Learning from your mistakes are very important. It's basically all that there is to life.

  8. I can often take games and relate them to real life as well. Chess is such a great game with many striking similarities to real life. Hopefully your friend will not always be a pawn :X At least you seemed to learn a valuable lesson.

  9. Hi Gina. Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, guys like Chris are pretty common. I like to observe people for writing purposes and the interesting thing is guys like Chris make for good characters when you make them sympathetic. He is primarily self-centered and use other people to his advantage. But every so often, he'll act selflessly and do something genuinely nice for another person, creating a more well rounded person and showing that he's not just a 2-dimensional villain after all. Sorry about your friend. Hopefully she won't fall into a pattern of familiarity with being treated that way and learn from the experience instead of repeating it. Keep writing and sharing your opinions!