10 Dec 2012


The other day, I was watching Glee, and I was overcome with a thought. Despite the corniness of some parts of the show, such as stereotypical characters, I found myself asking myself if I had friends like that. Friends who would stand up for me no matter what.

Glee isn't the only show that shows best friends. There is Grey's Anatomy, Spongebob Squarepants. Everyone deserves a best friend.

I guess I have two best friends. Erin and Char. But I don't spend school-time with them. Erin is in college. Char goes to a different school. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I am spending most of my time with people that will never be there for me. Those who "care" are apparently OK with not talking to me for days, if not weeks. But at least I have two people who will always be there for me.

Furthermore, I have realized that I must shed my usually negative attitude. Both of my friends have talked to me about not caring for people who obviously do not care about me. It is time for me to start following their advice. It is my senior year in high school, and I plan on making full use of it. I don't have time to waste people who spout lies in my ear.

Closeness between friends are developed between two people. It can't just be one-sided. It is so unfair that I should be making time for people who will not make time for me. Since I am so sick and tired of people making up excuses when there are no excuses, I'll just choose to not listen to them anymore. I have two close friends already, which is enough. My theory is that I can always have a support system in college. 

I believe that it is never too late to start with something new. I might be a loner right now at school, but I believe as long as I am happy with my current situation, I should be fine.

Erin has always told me that being in the toxic relationships that I have been in the past year and a half, I was destroying myself. Now, I know I should have listened to her advice earlier. I guess I was just too weak to let go at the time. But since I had been happy before I had these supposed "friends", I can be happy without them. Forget the excuses. I have come to the conclusion that if people really like you and care for you, they will never make excuses. They will never doubt you for who you are and who you have been. If they doubt you, it shows that they never cared in the first place. If they forget about you, they never wanted you by their side. True friends don't forget or doubt. If they do, they're just hypocrites when they say they care.

Sorry for such a long post, but I felt that I had to announce this change in perspective. Just felt that I had to get this out there. The fact that I am planning on making a change in life.


  1. By the time i was a senior in high school I was so fed up with the jerks at my school that I was very alienated from my town. I couldn't wait to move away which finally happened a couple years after I finished college. I stayed away for over 2 decades, but now that I'm back, it's much better. People do grow up and change.

  2. With the toxic relationships out of the way, and with your two friends, you should be fine indeed. You have friends who really will be there when you need them.

  3. I think having two close friends is just the right number. If you have just one, you become too reliant on them, but if you have too many, you spread yourself too thin.

  4. Toxic people drain you. I, myself stay away from such. And too, not much changes..people-wise...in college and at the workplace toxic people still exist. You just have to learn not to be drawn in by their intoxicating poison.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. Nice posting, and I agree with the others comments on this.

  6. I like this attitude!! Who needs negative people who only bring you down with them!?!?

    So good for you! Take care

  7. You seem to have the right attitude and perspective. It's hard when people close to you are toxic. All that negativity is not worth your time and energy. I bet when you spend less time with those that don't seem to care, you'll have more time to find those that do.

  8. It is hard to be alone at school. I think as long as you have one friend outside of school, then being a lone for a couple of hours is fine. Enjoy the time spent with those oyu want to spend time with, school is fleeting and will be over soon :)

  9. I was a loner in University but I preferred to be surround by nice people than toxic ones. I think you are doing great and you have a great friend in Erin.

    thanks for stopping by my blog

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    ❤ Margherita ❤

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  11. I sometimes think I could be a better friend:-)

  12. i completely agree.
    and i love best friends on tv.
    mer and yang on greys, i love it.
    we all need to be better friends at times.


  13. Speaking as someone who graduated high school a long time ago (class of 2000!), high school is a bit distant, but also still sharp in my mind. I encourage you to distance yourself from bad friends, but to also be open to making new friends. Even though it's senior year it is not too late! I imagine you know who some nice girls at your school are - say hello! You never know what kind of friendship can develop in your last semester, and especially over the summer before college. My high school best friend is still a best friend to me today. Stick it out - I imagine there is at least one great girl just waiting to be a great friend back!

  14. Gina I want to thank you so much for being one of my greatest friends in life. Although we rarely see each other, I feel that the times that we have spent with each other has been super valuable, and I appreciate all the fun we have for each other. I hope that you do well in college as journeys can be tough yet adventurous too. And I also hope that I can continue being of your two best friends!
    from CC :)

  15. You know what?? Change can be good. I wish you much luck with your new change.

    I'm not sure why, but I have never watched Glee.

  16. You've already seen my story Gina so I won't give a long drawn out explanation. Frienships, like love, come along when you least expect it. Not having a close friend for a while is good because it makes it all the more special for the person who deserves for you to call them friend.