26 Aug 2012

Stop Caring Already

Recently I've discovered something shocking. It seems to me as if there are people who will always act as if you are never good enough for them, and they will show it thoroughly with their actions. It is therefore up to you to read the signs and get the hell out of the relationship before you get too hurt to turn back.

What does it mean to say that someone may not care about you? It's when you suddenly find out that they start acting as if they don't care. When they stop returning your calls. Or they never return your calls in the first place. See, warning signs are always out there, it's up to you to see all of them. Something that people tend to do is that they deny the fact that stares at them straight in the face. A major reason for this is when you are with your friends or with people that you care about, you tend to only see the good in them. Their faults, their insults, we tend to ignore all of them. We are afraid to be alone. Being alone means you are one of those "loners" who doesn't have any friends. But are you really going to stick in a relationship that would make you unhappy? Are you so willing to sacrifice yourself that you ignore what is really going on?

Now that I am a senior in high school, I have to say that I am yet again alone. Alone in the sense that most of my friends have graduated and moved on to college. Alone in the sense that at school I have no one. Well, except maybe two people: Evelyn and Devna. But most of the time I am alone now. There is no one around in my classes, no one at break or lunch to hang out with.

And you know what happens? When you are alone, when you have some peace and quiet, you realize what your values truly are. They should be that supposed "friends" are supposed to call you back once in a while, supposed to actually see you on campus and all that. Then you realize who has truly been messing with you and who you really want to entrust with everything that is in your heart. 

For those of us who find it hard to let go of people, remember this: If they are not giving back to you in a relationship, they are harming you. More than you can ever imagine. So what is my advice? End the relationship. Don't try to prolong it, you will only harm yourself.

Sorry about the language, but that can't be helped. But anyway, peace out everyone.

20 Aug 2012


From what I hear from others, some of my posts may alarm my readers. To those who cannot differentiate between fact from fiction, I will hereby label my future posts either "Fact" or "Fiction". I have never, I repeat never, had to do this before. You cannot imagine what an annoyance this is to me.

For that person who overreacted and went over my head to report my blog to temporarily higher officials, I thank you because you have taught me a valuable lesson. You have taught me to be more careful of what I put online. But that means bad news also to you readers. Why? This incident made me almost give up on writing because this experience was so traumatic. So thank you for providing me with this experience. Unfortunately because I don't know who you are, I cannot speak to you directly and confront you about this issue. Whoever you are, know you are a despicable person.

But apart from that, I will continue writing as I have before. This person/experience will not stop me from going as I have before: in the direction of one day possibly being a published writer.

But as I am now forced to label all of my posts from here on out (because of you, despicable idiot who did not contact me directly): Factual experience

19 Aug 2012


As you can see from the title, I have come back after a brief, unexplained break from this blog. I apologize for not giving an explanation as to why I went off the grid for so long.

But I am back!

I will continue to post for as long as I have time during the school year (school starts in about 4 days), but I promise to keep posting.

One reason for the long break is I went to New York. It was fun, but muggy.

So yeah. New posts in about the next week or so.