26 Nov 2012


#3907 said:

My friends usually laugh at me in class, and I'm pretty sure that when they're whispering in class, they're talking about my clothes. I buy second hand clothes because my family can't afford to buy new ones.

#00000001 said:

I'm fat. I just don't need others to tell me that, and now I'm anorexic.

#54392 said:

Sometimes when I eat, I get takeout so people won't think that the food that I order is all for me.

Dude. I feel that all of these have to deal with shame and judgement. With these responses that I have received, it's as if people are afraid of being what and who they are. I can totally feel what these people are going through because I know what it is to be forced to be someone you are not. There is no one more despicable and hateful than someone who forces people to be something that they are not. The hate and oppression emanating from these people are usually so strong that I turn my face away in disgust when they talk. I don't care what group or kind of person you hate, I don't tolerate that. Once I am self-dependent, I will show everyone who oppressed me what it is to be out of the loop. But I have to say, I hate people who hate people. Whatever the reason, there's no excuse.

You want to hate? Don't hate in front of me or I'll be the worst ass towards you.

And that's my thing of the day.

19 Nov 2012

Anonymous Ideas

The other day, I realized something. People are usually too afraid to say what they want because they are afraid of how people may judge them once they reveal what is deeply inside.

Therefore, I have decided to do a sort of thing where people can send me stuff and I can comment on them. These will be anonymous. You can just send me a number and I'll substitute that number for your name. Then, these "posts" can be kind of out there without anyone knowing who this person is.

I find that at times, just getting something out there can really help with whatever someone is feeling. So if I can help with that, I'll be happy to.